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Over 450 cars were served at shredding event

Over 450 cars were served at shredding event Over 450 cars were served at shredding event

By Rosemarie da Roza & Anna Derby

LW contributors

The Golden Age Foundation’s (GAF) shredding service on March 8 was a huge success, with over 450 cars and carts served. It was the most cars that the GAF has served in the seven years it has hosted the event. Cars and golf carts steadily moved through the line throughout the entire two-hour event. The volunteers worked hard to keep up with the flow of cars. The event’s drop-and-go method once again worked well.

Residents didn’t need to get out as GAF volunteers retrieved the items from the cars.

The shredding service truck driver was helpful in managing the items to be shredded.

The next shredding event will be held July 12. The GAF reminds LWers not to bring batteries to any shredding event. LWers can drop used batters in the orange buckets behind Building 5 any day of the week.

The GAF asks residents to bring their items to be shredded in paper bags only. The GAF will not accept items in boxes or plastic bags to prevent accidents or fires in the truck. The bags must remain untied and the items within the bag easy to see.

The GAF thanks new volunteers Dave Forney and Teresa Danton for their service. When GAF volunteers began to fall behind while untying plastic bags, Jeri and Ted Nowell from the Mutual 5 jumped in to help. The GAF board thanks the Nowells for their impromptu volunteering.

The GAF would also like to thank LWers for their generosity during the event. Donations are gratefully accepted and are used to fund GAF programs. The GAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation.

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