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Jokers Wild holds onto lead


After three weeks of Pool League play, Jokers Wild continued to hold the lead by a five-game margin, winning against Side Pocket on March 7. All matches that day ended up being 8-5.

Ren Villenueva, Sal LaScala and Steve Mitchell all won four games for Jokers Wild. Side Pocket took the doubles matches 4-3, but lost the singles by a 5-1 margin.

Team Five lost to Beat the House but held on to second place in the league with 22 wins and 17 losses. Eunis “WildFire!” Christensen won six games for Beat the House, including both her singles matches.

Ball Breakers beat Ticket to Ride; Gary Monahan won six games for Ball Breakers while teammate Dennis Bedford won five. TheFavoritestookthePocket Rockets, with Gary Snow of the Favorites winning six games, including the final three-player eight-ball match, when he made a long cut shot on the eight in the corner pocket. Three teams tied for last place with 17 wins and 22 losses. Any team could have a winning record after the next round.

The Pool Club’ plays every Monday from 6-9 p.m. in Clubhouse 2.

—Dave Silva

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