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Notification of Proposed Changes to GRF Governing Documents

Per the action of the GRF Board on Nov. 23, in accordance with Civil Code §4360, Notice of Approval, the Board hereby provides general notice to all Shareholders/Members of the following proposed changes to GRF Governing Documents. All Shareholders wishing to comment on the proposed changes may submit comments by either emailing them to the attention of the GRF Board Executive Coordinator at [email protected] com or sending them via mail to: Golden Rain Foundation, P.O. Box 2069, Seal Beal, CA 90740, Attn: Proposed Document Revisions. The name of the governing document must be referenced on all correspondence. All comments will be copied to the Board for review and consideration. The Board will take final action relative to the following at its regular Jan. 25, 2022, meeting.

Security 40-5580-2, Entry Passes—Fees 1. NO FEES 1.1. Initial issuance of annual entry passes for Members/Owners in residence in the unit and Mutual 17 Member/Owners eligible for entry passes under the provisions of 80-5580-3.

1.2. Passes issued to contract workers, vendors and caregivers.

1.3. Renter/Lessees will not be issued annual entry passes.

1.4. Quarterly passes for Real Estate or Escrow Firm Representatives.

2. LOSS OF PASS 2.1. Caregiver: A lost Caregiver pass may be replaced for a $20 fee, per occurrence.

2.2. Real Estate or Escrow Firm Representatives: A lost pass may be replaced for $50. If the pass is lost a second time, a $75 fee is charged.


All fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

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