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Women’s Golf Club

The first round of the president’s two-week tournament was played on Sept. 14. Fifty-six golfers competed for low gross, low net and birdies. Fifteen golfers scored 19 birdies, and one golfer made three birdies.

The flight winners were:

Flight A: Low gross: Devora Kim, 25; low net: Janice Turner, 23; birdies: Sandy Derouin (holes 3 and 8), Linda Herman (hole 6), Devora Kim (holes 2, 6 and 8), Hae Lee (hole 2) and Karen Mendon (hole 6).

Flight B: Low gross: Myung Kim, 29; low net: Helen Yoon, 22; birdies: Sang An (hole 1), Jee Choi (hole 2), Myung Kim (hole 6) and Young Yoon (holes 6 and 8).

Flight C: Low gross: tie between Veronica Chang and Chong Hee Kim, 31; low net: Laura Garcia, 23; birdies: Veronica Chang (hole 9), Laura Garcia (hole 2), Chong Hee Kim (hole 9), Melinda Lee (hole 7) and Sun Lee (hole 5).

Flight D: Low gross: Angela Song, 32; low net: Mary Devlin, 23; birdie: Soo Kim, hole 8.

—Dale Quinn

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