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Republican Club

By Brian Harmon

LW contributor

Residents have launched an attempt to recall three members of the Los Alamitos United School District Board of Trustees.

Four of the five voting districts (or areas) within the school district include parts of LW. This fact is troubling. The division in districts reduces the chance that LW residents can have any significant effect on school board elections. The voting district map was created by the members of the current school board with the help of election experts.

Another reason cited for the recall is the district implementation of a controversial course on Ethnic Studies. Other residents are concerned about the power that district employee unions have over the policies of the district. These issues will be discussed by the Republican Club in depth as the campaign proceeds.

Three board members that represent LW are subject to recall. They are Chris Forehan (District 2), Scott Fayette (District 4) and Megan Cutuli (District 5). The other two board members cannot be recalled at this time because their terms are up next year.

It only takes 6,000 valid signatures, so the recall election is very likely to take place.

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