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Recycle for efficient waste management


Leisure World has an active recycling program in cooperation with CalMet Services, the community’s solid waste management firm, to comply with California’s recycling laws.

Use the following information to facilitate efficient waste disposal in LW.


White recycle bins are located near trash bins (bagging is not required). Separate trash from materials that can be recycled, which include: Glass: Clear, brown and green liquor, wine, beer, soft drink and juice bottles, and food jars (no lids).

Metal: Aluminum cans and foil, empty aerosol cans, metal/tin food cans and lids, clothes hangers, and soda and juice cans.

Plastic: Milk jugs, soda, juice, water, detergent and shampoo bottles; any plastic container, rigid plastic, such as toys, and firm plastic such as grocery bags.

Paper: Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, white and colored paper, cereal boxes (take out liners), pizza boxes, cardboard egg cartons, juice drink boxes, paper shopping bags, non-metallic wrapping paper, phone books, tissue boxes and cardboard (flattened). GREEN TRASH BINS

Green trash bins are trash, which must be bagged in plastic. People can dispose of all manner of trash, including bathroom waste and tissues, carbon paper, cat litter bagged and tied, ceramics, glass plates and cups, clothes and shoes, disposable diapers (bagged and tied), disposable razors, drinking glasses, anything grown from the ground, flooring, food waste, mirrors, paper towels, sponges, soiled paper plates and napkins, Styrofoam, toothpaste tubes and pumps, water hoses, waxed paper and window glass bottles.

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