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Pool Tournament

The eight-ball pool tournament held Sept. 15 in Clubhouse 2 drew 24 players. To make the competition more competitive, and so a very skilled player wouldn’t run the table, stronger players draw names for partners and alternate shots. The idea worked well because games were generally very close.

Each of the 12 teams team played five games. After three rounds, three teams had three wins: Gary Monahan and Bob Gronkie, Ruffy Ramos and Sandy Bird, and Connie Terry and Dave Silva. Ramos and Bird lost game four, while the other two teams remained undefeated, However, Ramos and Bird made a comeback, winning the last game with the other two teams lost. So, the three top teams split the prize money evenly.

The next open tournament is slated for Oct. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 2. Teams will play 369, a form of nine-ball, and will alternate play between those two games on the third Wednesday of each month. The entry fee is $3, all of which goes toward prize money.

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