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Peaceful demonstration to honor Afghan War troops


The Senior Peace Club’s next peaceful demonstration will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 29, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in front of the Leisure World Globe. This month’s theme is honoring all the servicemen and women from the Afghan War and celebrating the long-awaited end of America’s longest war.

With all the complaints and second-guessing about how President Joe Biden ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan, one of the most important aspects of the withdrawal, the fact that our troops are no longer there in harm’s way, has been pushed to the background.

The club will focus on welcoming home the troops and letting them know that Americans appreciate the huge sacrifices they made in the service of their country.

Signs will be available at the demonstration, but people are encouraged to make and bring their own appropriate signs. All caring and concerned people are welcome to participate.

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