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Letters to the Editor


Great food, our first time!

My husband, Tom, and I shared the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck’s Connecticut lobster roll and grilled cheese with lobster sandwich—along with my contribution of tomato mozzarella salad and Pinot Grigio wine—on our patio.

It’s a bit pricey, but not for the delicious fresh Maine Lobster that you get from Cousins. The lobster was sweet, tender and very succulent, and (American celebrity chef) Bobby Flay loves its Connecticut lobster roll! You do get what you pay for, and next time I plan on trying their lobster tacos.

We look forward to its return to Leisure World.

Jeanne Haislett Pontac Mutual 10


The Republican Party has every right to have a political booth set up, but I am dismayed and deeply offended to find the Republican Club displaying large signs in the Clubhouse 6 parking lot that reads, “The Democrat Party has taken God out of America” and, “We are proud Americans; we respect our Police, Military, First Responders, our Traditions, our History, our Children, and above all our GOD. Don’t let liberals take it away.”

It was not offensive until the final sentence. The insinuation is that Democrats don’t also hold these values.

As both a Christian and a Democrat, I find these signs inflammatory, false and misleading. I am not the only one who finds this deeply disturbing. Such offensive language should not be tolerated in Leisure World common areas. Subjecting the residents of Leisure World to this rhetoric in our common areas should be prohibited.

Elizabeth Winslow Mutual 8 Editor:

My comments are in response to the letter (Sept. 9) regarding a sign posted by the Republican Club. I only ask that anyone who finds our sign offensive go to the Internet and put these words in and do a search: Has the Democrat Party rejected Christians? Then read the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. If you do the research, you will understand my motivation.

David Harlow Mutual 15 Editor:

I moved here from Oregon, and I was concerned about some of the conduct code complaints in our community. In May 2013, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, came to the University of Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. It was open to students and some of the public. He gave a lecture, then he took questions from the audience.

In his “Book of Wisdom,” he states, “Good conduct is the way in which life becomes more meaningful, more constructive and more peaceful. For this, much depends on our own behaviour and our mental attitude.”

There are several definitions of Dalai Lama. In Monngolian, “Dalai” means “ocean,” while in Tibetan “Lama” means “spiritual leader.” Another source says the name translates to “ocean of wisdom.”

Mary League Mutual 6 Editor:

I have lived in Leisure World for about four years, taking my dog on daily walks and getting to know a lot of people, which has been good for me. I have had to alter my route several times to avoid verbal assaults because of my dog. I don’t use the word “assault” lightly. It is bad when two people who don’t have the same mindset come together and neither one will back down, like I do. I guess I will start contacting Security about the person who I think is violating the new GRF Code of Conduct.

Lisa Benedict Mutual 2

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