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Community Church

This week, Community Church will continue its series on what it means to “do church.” Doing church does not just mean “to go to church” because going to church isn’t the safest thing at the moment. Just the expression, “going to church” or the questions “Where do you go to church?” and “Do you go to church?” have always been problematic. Pastor Johan Dodge will speak more about that in the message on Sunday, Sept. 19. For now, know that God is speaking through both the Gospel of Mark and the letter of James about a time when there was arguing and division all around, much like there is now. Worship is one of the ways Christians overcome their divisions and stop arguing.

Those who have been on edge this week or have experienced anger or division or can’t shake a recent argument out of their thoughts should join Community Church for worship online through Zoom or Facebook Each week, Pastor Johan reminds all who are present that the word Gospel means “Good News,” and if the word of God being used in a way that isn’t good news, it isn’t the true good news.

Community Church is a place where everything is designed with the first-time participant in mind. Those who have not felt welcome in church or have not participated in church before, are welcome.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, Community Church has returned to virtual worship services. Everyone is welcome to participate on Zoom and Facebook. Find Community Church on Facebook @ CommunityChurchLeisureWorld.

contact the church office for the Zoom link by calling (562) 4312503 or emailing

Those who are in need of assistance can leave a message on the phone system and someone will return the call as soon as possible.

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