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Community Church

Community Church will continue its series in the scandalous message of James. The message of James was scandalous because it challenged that faith without works is dead. This week, the scandal speaks directly to where Americans find themselves: living in a world full of misinformation. The tongue can be a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With it, a person can bless the Lord and father or curse those who are made in the likeness of God.

This week will feature a guest speaker from the congregation while Pastor Johan Dodge is away.

Every week, Pastor Dodge reminds everyone that the word Gospel means “good news,” and if the word of God is being used in a way that isn’t good news, well then it isn’t the true Gospel.

Community Church is a place where everything is designed with the first-time participant in mind. Those who have not felt welcome or have never participated in church before are welcome to attend.

Community Church has gone back to virtual worship until further notice.

Everyone is welcome to participate virtually on Zoom and on Facebook. The Facebook page is @ CommunityChurchLeisureWorld.

Those who want the Zoom link to watch the service can contact the church office by calling (562) 431-2503 or emailing leisurewccsue@

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