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Most of all I would ….

Most of all I would like to thank our friend John Hlavac for all the work and time he spent during the COVID-19 pandemic helping the Golden Age Foundation Mobility Aids Program. He spent many hours making sure all the walkers, wheelchairs, etc. were sanitized. He delivered them no matter what time they were needed.

We were some of the people who had to use his services, and we were more than satisfied. Thank you, John.

Grace Gate-Lesher Mutual 7 Editor:

It’s been a long 11 years at Leisure World. My neighbors have allowed me to enjoy hilarious moments that can’t be shared without being insanely committed.

We’ve shared parties on the green belt, greeting the new and sadly missing those who left us.

My thanks to Service Maintenance for very reasonable rates for items repaired swiftly before selling.

Thanks to the GRF Board of Directors for a thankless job.

Goodbye to all my four-legged friends that will stop by and wonder where I am.

Last note: Do your homework; my condo in Laguna Woods is a few dollars more than my corner unit in Leisure World.

Wishing you the best of health and pleasant memories.

Pam McDougal Mutual 1 Editor:

I don’t read Jim Greer’s member column too often (I will now). The one in the Aug. 19 paper hit the nail on the head, as my friend said. FUD—fear, uncertainty and doubt—about COVID-19 and variants keep people upset all the time. Thank you, Jim, for that article.

Thelma Kieffer Mutual 4

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