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A Guide to Common Golf Etiquette

Show up before your tee time.

Turn off cell phones before your round starts.

No talking while players are putting or hitting balls. Do not give instructions.

Stay up with group ahead.

Be prepared to hit. Keep the game moving. Putt out on greens. Next to last player putting should replace flagstick while other players move to next tee and tee off if next green is open.

Don’t look longer than three minutes for a lost ball.

Do not stand behind someone as they putt.

Do not walk or step in a player’s putting or sight line. Walk around a ball or marker to reach your own.

Park carts and clubs toward the next tee, not in front of the green being played. Never place bag or cart on a tee box or green.

Replace fairway divots and step on them firmly. Do not replace tee box divots (greenskeepers seed them).

Repair ball marks on the greens (see below).

Rake bunkers; leave rakes in bunker with rake head toward green.

All golfers should refer to the USGA Rules of Golf, available in the clubhouse, and be aware of all local rules.

Yell, “FORE!” quickly and loudly if you hit an errant shot that may endanger other players.

Never lose your temper.

Don’t scuff greens or tamper with the hole.

Lift flag straight up and place it down away from the line of any ball to the hole.

Correct Way to Repair Ball Marks

Close the gap/hole with the putter by patting down the ball mark. Insert tool/tee on the high side, behind the ball mark, and push toward the center. Do not pull up, twist or lift with tool. Push both sides of the ball mark toward the center. Gently tap the surface down with the putter. Do not use loosened turf for repair. Never pull up or lift the center or sides of a ball mark, as it will tear the grass roots and result in a brown spot that takes weeks to heal.

—Dave LaCascia

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