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Scrabble Club

The Leisure World Scrabble Club met on Aug. 4 and 18. Former club member Bob Ruderman returned and led the scoring with five games over 300.

He had five “bingos” (i.e., the use of all seven tiles in one play), one of which represented a club record for the longest word; he added onto a two-letter word to make the nine-letter word “minister.” His high score that day was 426.

Diane Seeger topped 300 three times and recorded one bingo with the word “boaters.” Her best game scored 400.

Larry Edgar posted scores above 300 four times, with a high of 379.

Other members who tallied two scores above 300 each include Suthy Chhoeuy (high score: 383), Mary Hobbs (367), Wanda Bemben (341) and club president Maria Giegerich (312). Chhoeuy also recorded a bingo with the word “cursers.”

The Scrabble Club meets in Clubhouse 3, Room 5, on Wednesdays at 1 p.m.

—Larry Edgar

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