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Letters to the Editor


Thank you for “Minari.”

We wanted to thank the Korean American Association and Harry Yoon, the film’s prestigious editor, for introducing this poignant film at the Amphitheater on Aug. 6.

We saw some of our own grandparents internationally the same. It was captivating. It is our hope that story will be shown again for more of our community to enjoy. The Korean American Association must be very proud of this fine work.

Russell and Lori Gray Mutual 9 Editor:

Reading Sandy Geffner’s story in the LW Weekly (Aug. 19) was very enlightening. Here is our story. My husband, Richard, and I are in our mid-80s live with our co-occupant daughter Debbi, who is in her 60s.

We are people who grab a gummy to strengthen our immune systems at the first sign of a cold. So when the virus came, we ate more gummies. We also are spiritual people, and we turned this issue over to Him. Additionally we were very concerned about the vaccinations. They came so quickly. What would be the long term effects? We choose not to vaccinate.

In May, we had wonderful Mother’s Day at our grandson’s outside patio in Anaheim. Several days later, one of the sons called to tell us he had just tested positive for COVID. Six or seven days later, all three of us were sick. It was not fun!

Our daughter Suzie (who had been vaccinated) came to take care of us. She took the day shift and a nighttime caregiver took the night shift. In June, she found an infusion center, and the three of us each received an infusion. I think it was the same thing Trump received. According the notes in our calendar, we started getting better.

We stayed isolated, watching too much TV, working jigsaw puzzles and journaling.

It’s now August, and we’re doing fine. Perhaps our immune systems, with the help of the infusions, are keeping us safe.

And just a week or so ago, our taste buds came back. Yes, when we are out and about, we wear the masks and social distance. At home, we use a lot of disinfectant and still order groceries online.

Barbara Houck Mutual 10 Editor:

I appreciate the LW Weekly addressing the many questions regarding the importance of getting the vaccine.

My daughter in Las Vegas now has COVID-19 and mistakenly thinks that she doesn’t need the vaccine. But research proves otherwise.

As concerned friends and family members try to convince loved ones to get vaccinated, many are met with the argument: “I already got COVID, so I can’t get it again.”

Health experts say that just isn’t true.

Although antibodies from natural infection may provide some protection against the virus, evidence shows nothing protects against COVID-19 better than vaccines.

People who have recovered from COVID-19 should get vaccinated to reduce their risk of reinfection, which will prevent transmission and suppress the opportunity for more variants —like the highly contagious delta —to emerge.

“Natural infection will cause your immune system to make many types of antibodies and immune response to all parts of the virus, but only a small fraction of that response is actually protective,” said Nicole Iovine, chief hospital epidemiologist at University of Florida Health in Gainesville.

“When you get the vaccine, the entire response is targeted to the virus’s spike protein.”

Gail Morrison Mutual 2 Editor:

Thank you for printing a

very informative article about Sandy Geffner (Aug. 19). I hope everyone takes heed to the lessons here. My husband and I have taken all precautionary measures and assume everyone we come in contact with has the virus, albeit asymptomatic, so that we don’t let our guard down. Jeanne Pontac Mutual 10 Editor: Robert Barnum’s article (Aug. 12) about the birds seen around LW brought back many memories from my hiking days. Hawks soaring on wind currents climbing higher and higher is an incredible sight! We first saw a flock of parrots in San Francisco, and here in LW, I’ve seen them twice. Like Bob says, they are loud so if you hear noise that you don’t immediately recognize, look up and be dazzled by the colors, mostly the iridescent greens, a sight you won’t soon forget.

Laura Arnold Mutual 14

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