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SBTV-3 Listings

SBTV-3 airs on TWC-Spectrum Channel 3, Frontier Fios Channel 37 and online streaming at sbtv3. org/ schedule. Have Roku? Go to http://roku. The playback schedule is available at

Thursday, Aug. 19

4pm Rollin’ThunderParade2021

4:30pm LWSpecialOlympics2021

4:38pm LWSewingBrigade

5pm LWMemorialDay2021

5:31pm LWShakespeareSonnets

5:45pm TheStreetWhereILive

6pm LifeandTimesinSB: Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger 7pm VintageCarCruise

8:30pm CerritosCenter Lady Jazz

10pm ShakespeareinthePark: Cymbeline Friday, Aug. 20

4pm BeginningofLeisureWorld

4:18pm TheStreetWhereILive

4:30pm LWClassicCarParade2021

5pm MemorialDay2021

5:50pm TerryOtte& Abilene2021

7:30pm VintageCarCrusie

8:40pm LWSewingBrigade

9pm ShakespeareinthePark: Othello

10:30 pm Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Saturday, Aug. 21

4pm LWMemorialDay2021

4:30pm Rollin’ThunderParade2021

5pm LWArt/CardboardContest/ Sewing Brigade

5:30pm TheStreetWhereILive

5:42pm LWShakespeareSonnets

6pm LWJuly4Karaoke

7pm McGaughThirdGradeShow


11pm BobColeConservancy Sunday, Aug. 22

4pm SealBeachCityCouncil Replay 8/9

6pm McGaughPageantoftheArts

7:15pm LiveattheFord: Lady Jazz

8:45pm TheStreetWhereILive

9pm LifeandTimesinSB: Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger

10pm VintageCarCruise2021

11:15 pm Bob Cole Conservancy Monday, Aug. 23

4pm LWJuly4Karaoke

5pm LWMemorialDay2021

5:30pm LWClasicCarParade2021

6pm LWSewingBrigade

6:22pm LWSpecialOlympics2021

6:30pm LWHula2021/SeaInside

7pm VintageCarCruise2021

8:15pm TerryOtte& Abilene2021

10pm ShakespeareinthePark: Taming of the Shrew Tuesday, Aug. 24

4pm MemorialDay2021

4:40pm BeginningofLeisureWorld

5pm TheStreetWhereILive/LW Hula 2021

5:30pm MemorialDayinEisenhower Park 2021

6:30pm Rollin’ThunderParade2021

7pm VintageCarCruise

8:15pm LifeandTimesinSB: Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger

8:30pm FordTheater: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

10pm BobColeConservancy

Wednesday, Aug. 25

4pm Rollin’ThunderParade2021

4:30pm LWClassicCarParade2021

5pm MemoriaDay2021

5:40pm LWSewingBrigade

6:01pm MemorialDayatEisenhower Park 2021

6:40pm VintageCarCruise

7:50pm LWShakespeareSonnets

8pm TerryOtte& Abilene2021

10pm CerritosCenter The Four Tenors *All programming is subject to change.

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