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Presidents’ Council Recap, Aug. 5

The regular monthly meeting of the Presidents’ Council of Seal Beach Leisure World was convened at 9 a.m. by President Jackie Dunagan on Aug. 5 in Clubhouse 4 and via Zoom video-telephone conference. The following is a recap of that meeting:

• The regular monthly Council meeting minutes of July 1 were approved by the Council, as printed.

• Alicia Nelson presented the Medical Center Services available for OptumCare at Leisure World, Seal Beach.

• Facilities Director Mark Weaver provided an update on the water report.

• Jodi Hopkins provided an update for Mutual Administration monthly reports and Stock Transfer monthly reports. She also presented the new Member Resources and Assistance Liaison, Robann Arshat.

• Executive Director Randy Ankeny provided an update on the renewal of the insurance policy.

• Ankeny also provided an update on the Emergency Contact Information Form that has been sent to all Mutuals.

• The Presidents’ Council discussed the topic of the nominating committee.

• Victor Rocha presented the Security Procedures processes and provided updates.

• Hopkins provided an update on the status of staff in both Mutual Administration and Stock Transfer.

• Jackie Dunagan presented the Mutual 15 form on special requests orders.

• The Mutual presidents offered comments during the proceedings of the meeting.

The next Presidents’ Council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 2 at 9 a.m. in Clubhouse 4 and via Zoom.

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