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Emergency Buddy System

Emergency Buddy System Emergency Buddy System

Emergency Buddy System (EBS) was created for and organized by volunteers from Mutual 2 to assist first responders in the event of an emergency “by having everybody accounted for.”

The EBS wants to let the community know about its activities and encourage others to be proactive when it comes to being prepared for a catastrophe. The EBS has 10 emergency coordinators for seven parcels of the 72 Mutual 2 shareholder buildings. The EBS will instruct any willing volunteer to become a building emergency buddy.

Many of the coordinators are CERT trained and first aid trained with and all of them participating in the weekly FRS radio disaster and injury report training. The HAM radio operators in EBS will report the depth and dimension of injuries to the first responders as well.

The group in the past has held in cooperation with Eloy Gomez, GRF emergency safety coordinator, a fire suppression training and proper way to use a fire extinguisher.

Recently, the EBS coordinators purchased needed supplies of masks, gloves and disinfectant to protect the many volunteers inreporting such a probable catastrophe. EBS coordinators imparts appreciation to those who uplift the importance of being prepared to the community.

People who are interested in volunteering or want learn more information can contact Fara Quirin at (714) 625-5141; Dr. Rosa Fabian at (562) 240-5212; Teresa Turner at (714) 768-3414 or Joanna Matos at (562)-5981849.

Note: The EBS does not have the resources such as food, water or first aid kits to supply Mutual 2 nor is it a substitute for paramedics, firefighters or police.

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