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Plumbing pipe to be installed this week

Progress continues on the renovation of the pool and spa this week. On Aug. 6, pipe for pool and spa plumbing was delivered, and installation was expected to begin yesterday. Trenching for pool plumbing continues; crews have completed digging the pool to grade. Work scheduled for this week includes:

• Cut in skimmers and main drains, which are related to the filtration of the pool.

• Heating pump installation to begin.

• Roof demolition completed, with the locker rooms and starter shack re-roofing 50 percent complete.

The pool has been closed since November 2019, when potentially catastropic defects were uncovered in the 1960s-era facility.

What started as a simple remodel soon morphed into a fullblown reconstruction in the name of safety.

The project coincided with the coronavirus epidemic, which has delayed construction, parts procurement and other facets of the job.

The facility will boast a pool with five swimming lanes, a 30-by-30-foot activity area with a volleyball net, a 9-by-25-foot spa, new locker rooms and a lounge area in a reconfigured space to maximize potential.

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