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Nikkei Club

Nikkei Club Nikkei Club

The Nikkei Club will host its annual picnic on Friday, Aug. 20, at 11 a.m. in the Clubhouse 1 picnic area. Lunch will begin at noon.

Everyone attending has the choice of bringing a side dish or dessert to compliment the main dish of Hawaiian BBQ with a choice of chicken, pork or beef from the Back Home in Lahaina restaurant. People are asked to bring side dishes or pay $10 for lunch per person.

Members should expect a call from other members of the club. Those who are not members can call Michie Kimura at (714) 3171102; Sybil Tanabe at (714) 496-5012; or Sherie Vanek at (562) 296-8074 to RSVP. Attendees should let them know if they plan to bring a dish or pay $10 per person for the lunch.

There will be drawings for prizes and fund raisers at the picnic. There is plenty of parking behind the LW Golf Course across the street from Clubhouse 1. Club members are asked not to park in spots designated for Mutual 17.

The Nikkei Club welcomes new members. Dues are $10 for the year 2022. All residents are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Kimura at (714) 317-1102.

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