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LW Pinochle Club

The LW Pinochle Club meets Mondays and Thursdays at noon in Clubhouse 4. Additional games are played in Clubhouse 1. The following are recent winners.

July 29: First place: Tony Dodero, 11,990; second: Grace Finnegan, 11,920; third: Marilyn Allred, 11,750; fourth: Pat Blum, 11,440.

July 31: First place: Peggy Kasper, 12,180; second: Irene Perkins, 10,780; third: Jim Kasper, 10,570; fourth: Amy Kasuyama, 10,050.

Aug. 2: First place: Marilyn Allred, 12,470; second: Gene Smith, 11,910; third: Marge Dodero, 10,720; fourth: Delores Cook, 10,600.

—Marjorie Dodero

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