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most commonly cited violations are ….

most commonly cited violations are running stop signs, using cell phones while driving, illegal turning and vehicle registration issues.

Speeding is of specific concern in LW, where the posted limit does not exceed 25 mph.

The average California speeding ticket costs $230 for a $35 base-fine infraction, and that doesn’t include inevitable insurance premium hikes, according to

Although it varies among insurance companies, older drivers can see premiums almost double. The average car insurance rate increase for California drivers who get a speeding ticket is 42 percent, according to Forbes Advisor’s analysis. And for senior drivers, it’s often higher.

So it pays to slow down.

Whether you are walking, behind the wheel or on a bike, there are rules for all GRF-managed roads.

They include:

•All drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license in their possession.

•All LW vehicles must display current state-issued license plates and carry valid registration papers.

• LW operators of golf carts and low-speed vehicles are not required to possess a driver’s license in LW.

• Visitors operating golf carts or low-speed vehicles must possess a valid state-issued driver’s license, be 16 years of age or older, and be accompanied by an authorized resident.

• All resident cars, golf carts and low-speed vehicles must have a valid GRF-issued decal. Decals, which are good for two years, are available at the Security Office in Building 5.

• Bikes and electric scooters may display GRF decals to assist in gate access and in faster recovery if lost or stolen. But they are not mandatory.

• Golf carts and low-speed vehicles that are less than 48 inches in width are only permitted on sidewalks from their parking places to the nearest driveway or exit onto the street.

•Low speed vehicles that are more than 48 inches in width are prohibited on all walkways and sidewalks.

• Bikes and mobility scooters may be operated on all walkways and sidewalks in a safe manner under 5 miles per hour.

• Motorized and electric bicycles in power mode may not be operated on sidewalks.

• GRF vehicles, golf carts and low speed vehicles are permitted on sidewalks, lawns and walkways as neceseeary when operated by GRF employees and third-party contractors.

• Powered vehicles not licensed for street use are prohibited in LW. Exceptions are golf carts under 48 inches wide, mobility scooters and electric bicycles using pedaled propulsion (not power).

• Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, Segways or similar unpowered or powered vehicles are not permitted in LW.

GRF safety rules include:

• Golf carts and low-speed vehicles operated in LW must have working headlights, brake lights, directional signals and wiper blades.

• Golf carts, low-speed vehicles, bicycles and electric bicyles can’t go faster than 5 mph on sidewalks.

•Golf carts and low-speed vehicles must yield the right of way to all pedestrians, bicycles and mobility scooters.

• Bicycles and electric bicycles are not allowed in GRF buildings.

• Bicycles and electric bicycles must yield the right of way to all pedestrians and mobility scooters.

• Vehicle drivers and cyclists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

How to report accidents:

• The driver of any type of vehicle involved in any kind of accident resulting in death or injury to a person or animal must immediately stop and call 911. The driver then must immediately notify the Security Department.

• The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in damages to property must immediately notify the Security Department.

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