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Dumping—Dos and Don’ts at 1.8 acres

The large refuse containers at the 1.8-acre site adjacent to the Mini Farm off Nassau Drive are there for the convenience of LW residents. Bulky items, such as mattresses that cannot be safely disposed of at bins in Mutual carports, can be dropped off at the 1.8 acres.

But not everything can be dumped there, and violators are subject to expensive fines. Removing items from the dumpsters is also prohibited. There are cameras on site to help prevent vandalism, illegal dumping and pilfering.

What can be dumped at the 1.8-acre site:

• Furniture, mattresses

• General bulk items

• Green waste All items should be placed in, not around, the containers.

What cannot be dumped at the 1.8-acre site:

Paint, unless it is fully dried in a sealed can

• Hazardous materials, such as pesticides, batteries, motor oil

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