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Take a Trip to the OC Fair

Take a Trip to the OC Fair Take a Trip to the OC Fair

The Leisure World Library invites everyone on an excursion to the Orange County Fair, which is open until Aug. 15. The LW bus will depart on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 4, for residents who register for this trip. Tickets cost $30.

To purchase tickets, stop by the Recreation Department in Building 5. For more information on the trip, call the LW Library at (562) 598-2431.

For information regarding ticket availability, call (562) 4316586, ext. 326.

This year, there are over 60 food and drink vendors, over 50 games and rides, and dozens of shopping vendors selling unique products. There are also competitions with entries on display in woodworking, fine arts, photography, flower displays and more.

Centennial Farm is open so people can visit horses, bees, camels and other livestock.

The theme of the fair is “Time for Fun,” and OC concessionaires have been concocting tasty new treats to delight fairgoers who have been waiting for their favorite summer tradition to return—crazy fair food.

With so much to choose from, here are some of the highlights of this year’s food offerings: Pepe’s Mariscos fresh Mexican seafood; sugar-rimmed lemonade; waffle cones with buffalo chicken and mac and cheese; banana cream funnel cake; candy apples; 50/50 brownie parfait with bavarian cream and such crazy combos as chicken lumpia; fried chicken funnel cake; and Italian nachos.

OC Fair classics and favorites will return, bringing giant turkey legs, deep-fried sweets, baconwrapped corn dogs, great barbecue, cotton candy and ice cream.

The Wine Courtyard, hosted by the Orange County Wine Society, features award-winning wines that are available for purchase by the glass.

The OC Fair has added more shaded tables and seating areas and has increased sanitization procedures to keep everyone safe.

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