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Republican Club

Katherine Gerdis of the Election Integrity Project, California (EIPca), presented an opportunity for individuals to help protect and guarantee a fair election process.

“Volunteers are needed to serve as observers at voting centers,” she said, “and everyone is qualified to do it.”

Being an election observer requires 1.5-2 hours of training to learn the current laws and regulations about how the voting should be conducted, she said.

Gerdis said that volunteers can serve as many or as few hours as they choose, as well as pick the time of day and location. If enough volunteers are recruited from Leisure World, it could be possible for the classes to be held somewhere in LW.

The Election Integrity Project is a nonpartisan nonprofit 502(c)3. Those who are interested in volunteering can go to to sign up.

Republican Club vice president Brian Harmon talked briefly at the meeting about how the pro-capitalist environment in Britain facilitated the first industrial revolution, which revolutionized the way the U.S currently lives. He talked about how the system of English common law provided for the protection of private property and the legal enforcement of contracts, which were two vital institutions required for a free economy and economic progress.

“Starting around 1725, the industrial revolution meant using machines instead of hand labor and the replacement of human power with wind, water and, eventually steam power; starting in the textile industry, first with wool and then cotton,” he said.

“Living standards for the average person prior to the industrial revolution were very low, with over 90 percent of the population living at a subsistence level,” he said, “meaning that the average person had one set of clothes and one pair of shoes and few lived beyond the age of 40. Famines frequently decimated the population, as did diseases.

“The previous 1,200 years saw little if any improvement in the human condition;” he said. “The industrial revolution made the difference.”

Harmon concluded with “Capitalism has undergone many changes for the better since that time, but it is still a system worth defending.”

Harmon holds a master’s degree in economics specializing in economic history from Long Beach State and has taught college economics for 25 years. His master’s project was a comparison of the early development of British and American textile technology. ••• The club booth, email and phone contact number have seen an overwhelming response with inquiries about club membership and other issues.

People who want to be added to the club membership roster or receive more information can send an email to dharlow50@aol. com or call (714) 928-1950.

Members will be sent by email an agenda and minutes for each meeting and other information deemed necessary and/or appropriate by the president.

People are encouraged to share their opinions on public issues or ideas about what the Republican Club club should be doing. To do so, call or text (714) 928-1950. Those who do not want their name, ideas or opinions to be made public should so indicate.

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