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Recap of GRF Board Activity, July 27

Approved Consent Agenda MOVED and approved the consent agenda that included committee/board meeting minutes for the month of May: Recreation Committee, May 3; Physical Property Committee, May 5; Executive Committee, May 14; GRF Board, May 25; Special GRF Board of Directors, June 1, 8, 11 and 29. Also: July GRF Board Report, July 27; acceptance of the Financial Statements, June, for Audit; and the approval of Reserve funds investment purchase.

General Establish Ad Hoc Committee: MOVED to approve and thereby establish the Management Services and Contract Ad Hoc Committee and grant to the Ad Hoc Committee limited authority specifically stated within the GRF governing documents, policies or other authority as granted by the BOD or as stated within such policy.

MOVED to approve the appointment of GRF Directors Carole Damoci as Chair, plus Paula Snowden, Marsha Gerber, Paul Pratt and Phil Friedman; Mutual Presidents Mike Levitt (Mutual 4), Jeri Dolch (Mutual 8), Rich Carson (Mutual 14) and Jackie Dunagan (Mutual 15); and Resident Specialist Kathy Rapp to the Management Services and Contract Ad Hoc Committee.

Communications/IT Committee Approve Contract Amazon S3 Cloud Backup: MOVED to approve a contract with Amazon for the implementation of AWS S3 Glacier backups for $80 per month to be charged to 6481000-934 (Computer Maintenance & Software). Costs will increase over time as the data storage grows.

Amend 20-5583-3, Advertising Procedures: MOVED to amend the unpaid balance terms, as presented in 20-5585-3, Advertising Procedures.

Executive Committee Amend 50-1640-4, Active Membership Certificate: MOVED to amend 50-1640-4, Active Membership Certificate, updating the document language regarding owners who do not qualify for occupancy, as presented.

Approve Use of Trust Amenities by the Emergency Preparations Group: Removed from agenda on July 21.

Finance Committee Reserve Funds for Investing in Indexed CDs: MOVED and approved the amended guidelines provided to the investment advisor that eliminates the time constraint on the term and the requirement for interim payments and sets a return rate of 3.5 percent or greater to increase the likelihood of purchasing an indexed CD, in accordance with Policy 40-5520-1, Reserves.

TENATIVE VOTE: Amend 40-5061-2, Fees: MOVED to refer 40-5061-2, Fees, back to the Finance Committee for review.

Physical Property Committee Capital Funding Request— Clubhouse 2, Bocce Ball Court: MOVED to award a contract to MJ Jurado to remove the sod and install concrete at the east end of the Bocce Ball Court at Clubhouse 2 and add two handrails, for a cost not to exceed $3,250, Capital funding, and authorize the president sign the contract.

Reserve Funding Request— Repair, slurry and restriping of the Parking Lots at the Administration Building, Building 5, and Clubhouses 1 and 6: MOVED to refer Reserve Funding Request—Repair, slurry and restriping of the Parking Lots at the Administration Building, Building 5, and Clubhouses 1 and 6, back to the Physical Properties Committee for review.

Conceptual Approval—Electric Vehicle Charging at St.

Andrews Gate: MOVED to approve to locate four chargers at the exit parking of St. Andrews Gate, pending approval of the SCE rebate.

Recreation Committee Rescind 70-1406-04-1, Ladies Pool and Billiard Room: MOVED to tentatively rescind 70-1406.01-1, Ladies Pool and Billiard Room, due to its discriminatory nature to any shareholder or authorized individual other than a female, as presented.

Mini Farm Professional Design Services: FAILED TO MOVE

to a contract for professional design services from the proposals received, Capital funding.

MOVED to direct the Recreation Committee to develop a questionnaire and seek Shareholder/ Member feedback on the optimum use of Trust property commonly identified as the 1.8 Acres.

FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1468-1, Swimming Pool Rules: MOVE to refer 70-14681, Swimming Pool Rules, back to the Recreation Committee for review.

FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1487-1, Recreational Vehicle Lot (RVL) Rules and Regulations: MOVED to amend 70-1487-1, Recreations Vehicle Lot (RVL) Rules and Regulations, updating “legal residents” to “authorized residents,” establishing that the annual lease fee shall increase at the time of the renewal, and updating policy language, as presented.

FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1428-3, Clubhouse Artwork Displays: MOVED to amend 70-1428-3, Clubhouse Artwork Displays, updating document language and establishing the terms for displaying artwork, including display location, length of display period, artwork content, sales and publicity, as presented.

FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1411, Facility Reservations: MOVED to amend 70-14111, Facilities Reservations, updating document language, reducing the number of weekly reservations from three to one, with additional reservations at the discretion of the Recreation Director, and prohibiting recurring holiday reservations, as presented.

Security, Bus & Traffic Committee Conceptual Transportation Consultant Approval: MOVED to conceptually approve the seeking of proposals from professional transportation consultant to: 1.

Complete evaluation of internal Minibus and Access Bus operations; 2. Meet with GRF fleet manager, bus driver staff and SBT members; 3. Meet or survey bus customers/users; 4. Evaluate passenger service usage and needs and provide recommendations for current and future bus operations; and 5. Evaluate costs and provide recommendations to control costs and improve efficiencies of internal bus service operations.

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