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Democratic Club

By Mary Larson

LW contributor

The Democratic Club’s will meet at noon in Clubhouse 2 on Wednesday, Aug. 18. Members are looking forward to the prospect of gathering face-to-face for the first time in far too many months.

High on the Democratic Club’s list of priorities for discussion will be how to counter the vast amount of misinformation being fed to potential California voters in anticipation of the Sept. 14 Special Election.

Using baseless claims of voting fraud and improper registration in past elections, a California based organization is reportedly planning to recruit an “army” of 30,000 volunteers to police the polls.The Los Angeles Times editorial staff calls this prospect “extremely concerning.”

Fortunately, most Leisure World residents vote by mail. Thanks to the foresight of GRF, LWers will again have an official ballot drop-off box inside the gates.

Gov. Gavin Newsom will most likely hold on to his seat. It is not a secret that a majority of voters lean Democratic in California. However, as the Times editorial staff warns, a Newsom win “could result in more claims of massive fraud, refusal to recognize the results of the election and the beginning of an all-out assault on the elections process” in California.

Club members at the Aug. 18 meeting will also have an opportunity to discuss the ramifications of another possible recall election. It would be an attempt to oust every one of the Los Alamitos Unified School Board trustees, be they Democrat or Republican.

The School Board’s “crime,” according to some, was to unanimously support an elective ethnic studies curriculum for older students. If this second recall election does happen, Leisure World voters have the potential of being a very influential force in the outcome.

In preparation for this possible second recall election, all Leisure World Democrats and supporters are urged to purchase and read the book that will be used as the primary text in the Los Alamitos School District, “A Different Mirror” by Ronald Takaki, which is available on Amazon and other online sites to purchase.

For some people, reading this book has been an eye-opener. As one reviewer writes, “The ‘mirror’ that Takaki holds up to the U.S. reflects a multicultural history of oppression and exploitation, but also struggle, solidarity and community.” After reading the book, which was written for young people, some club members chose to read Takaki’s original book on this subject matter.

In addition to addressing issues related to the Sept. 14 election during the August meeting, the Democratic Club is initiating a project to reach LW voters directly. The project will include providing accurate, up-to-date information about the attempted recall. Club members interested in participating in this effort can call (562) 412-0898 or email

Make sure to include full contact information, including address, email and phone number.

LW Democrats and supporters can subscribe to the club’s electronic newsletter by calling (562)296-8521 or emailing

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