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Club is ready to return and help the residents of Leisure World

Club is ready to return and help the residents of Leisure World Club is ready to return and help the residents of Leisure World


The Y Service Club is back. Since the lockdown there’s been a lot of changes around Leisure World, including new members who are not aware of all of the services the Y Service Club provides. LWers who are not yet familiar with the Y Service Club are encouraged to check out the services it provides below.

The Y Service Club is composed of LW residents who care about people and volunteer their time to help serve the LW community. It is chartered by the International Association of the YMCA and part of a worldwide fellowship of persons loyal to the Judeo-Christian faith, striving through active service to encourage and support people of all backgrounds for the betterment of the community and society.

The Y Service Club has been in Leisure World since 1971 and has helped thousands of residents. It is made up entirely of volunteers but accepts donations. All money collected helps low-income families in the “Kids to Camp” program , as well as children of single parents in after-school programs, plus many other philanthropist services.

The Y Service Club does not provide professional jobs such as anything electrical, washing windows, shampooing carpets, ect. However, volunteers are ready to help with chores a resident may not be able to do such as the change light bulbs, clean air filters or get things in or out of carports. Volunteers can also help flip a mattress, open a jar, hang a small picture or even haul some items to the dumpster. It also picks up clothes and small household items in good condition to donate to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

People in need of service can check the “ Leisure World Helping Leisure World” classified ad listings for the most current phone number. The phone numbers change every month, so make sure to get the most recent issue to call the correct number.

The Y Service Club is a great bunch of people who enjoy working together. Those who would like to join the Y Service Club can call membership director Margaret Humes at (562) 296-5834 for more information.

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