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Stamped pool permits pave way for construction

Stamped pool permits pave way for construction Stamped pool permits pave way for construction


The Orange County Health Care Agency approved final pool and spa permits July 15, and with the City of Seal Beach approvals received two weeks ago, pool construction can proceed full speed ahead.

The pool is now fully designed, and construction progress updates will be printed weekly and sent out via LW Live email alerts.

The painstaking approvals process will mean fewer expensive mid-construction change orders and a faster construction pace.

The facility will include a pool with five swimming lanes, a 30-by-30-foot activity area with a volleyball net, a 9-by-25-foot spa, new locker rooms and a lounge area in a reconfigured space to maximize potential.

On June 6, 1962, Leisure World, Seal Beach, opened with a swimming and hot pool facility.

Over the next five-plus decades, the pool complex had an average of 124 people per day taking dips.

The pool has been closed since November 2019, when potentially catastropic defects were uncovered in the 1960s-era facility.

The project that started as a simple remodel soon morphed into a full-blown reconstruction in the name of safety.

The project coincided with the coronavirus epidemic, which has delayed construction, parts procurement and other facets of the job.

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