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Meals on Wheels, Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach Inc. delivers freshly cooked meals for $8.75 per day Monday-Friday, between 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Deliveries include an 8-ounce carton of 1 percent milk. An alternate dessert is available for those on a diabetic diet. Contact Client Manager Caron Adler at (562) 439-5000, ext. 1, or visit www. to complete an online application. To cancel a meal for the following day, you must contact Adler before 9 a.m. the prior business day. Menu is subject to change without notice.

Thursday, July 22: Spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce, whole-grain roll, and seasoned broccoli; tapioca pudding; turkey-and-cheese sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and pickle, plus marinated beet salad.

Friday, July 23: Chicken enchilada casserole with red sauce, pinto beans, and seasoned cauliflower; sugar cookies; taco salad, with shredded chicken, diced tomato, corn, black beans, cheese, cilantro and salsa dressing, plus crackers.

Monday, July 26: Herb-roasted pork loin with honey-mustard sauce, au gratin potatoes, and zucchini medley; pineapple with mango; egg salad sandwich, with spinach and tomato, plus homemade potato salad.

Tuesday, July 27: Turkey à la king, biscuit, and green beans with pimentos; yogurt with berries; spinach salad, with chicken, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, feta cheese and vinaigrette dressing, plus crackers.

Wednesday, July 28: Beef lasagna, whole-grain dinner roll, and broccoli and cauliflower; cubed watermelon; turkey, ham and cheese sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and pickle, plus macaroni salad.

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