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by Mary Larson

LW contributor

Alarmed at the degree of misinformation being circulated prior to the Sept. 14 recall election, LW Democratic Club leaders are currently working on a plan to counter the misinformation of mass voting fraud in California. High on the list of projects under consideration will be making copies of a June 29 Los Angeles Times editorial available at the club’s weekly voter information booth on Tuesdays. The title of that editorial is “The ‘Big Lie’ Comes to California.”

The paper writes that its editorial is based on “the belief that Gov. Gavin Newsom will hold on to his seat because a healthy majority of voters lean Democratic in this state.” The editorial staff’s concern is that this “could result in more claims of massive fraud, refusal to recognize the results of the election and the beginning of an all-out assault on the elections process” in California.

The editorial acknowledges that poll watchers working with a variety of groups have made claims of millions of instances of improper registration or fraudulent voting in past California elections. However, the article goes on to point out that “few truly serious cases have been found when election officials have investigated. In many instances, this scrutiny has revealed that the complaints were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of election law.”

Articles titled “Vigilantes claimed voter fraud. A thousand false leads later, investigators found one case” and “Conservative activists push voter fraud claims to recruit an army to police California recall polls” also shed light on this situation. Both articles are available for downloading from the Internet.

The Democratic Club is also initiating a project to reach Leisure World voters directly with information about the Sept. 14 recall election. This effort will be based in part on lessons learned during the successful “Pony Express” project used in a previous election. Supporters of the club who are interested in participating in this effort are invited to call (562) 412-0898 or email

Make sure to include complete contact information, including name, address, email and phone number.

Planning is also underway for what the club is tentatively calling “Training for Leadership.” This training will consist of 3-4 weekly sessions designed to provide attendees with more knowledge about the club, as well as politics in general. The first sessions, currently scheduled for August, will be in the form of a “beta” test with the primary participants being members of the board. There will be room in this first series for a limited number of other interested persons. Enrollment in future sessions will be limited to 12 people per series. Anyone interested in participation should email for more information or to register.

LW Democrats and supporters interested in more in-depth reporting can subscribe to the club’s electronic newsletter by calling the editor at (562) 2968521 or emailing democraticclubsblw@

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