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Letters to the Editor


Celebrating July 4th with friends in Long Beach was terrific. We had fun feasting with barbecue and all the trimmings. Everyone played games while we waited for dark. The socializing was great.

The fireworks in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida and Colorado were spectacular, as was the entertainment from Washington, D.C.

The huge crowd of people, young and old alike, were joyfully dancing while waiting for the dark.

The magnificent fireworks enhanced the spirit of patriotism celebrating Fourth of July.

Lisa A. Dickson Mutual 1 Editor:

Our ears are still ringing from the auditory assult of The Springsteen Experience last week (July 3). The volume of noise (as opposed to music) emanating from the stage of the Amphitheater was painful to experience.

I swear we saw cracks begin to form in the concrete as the amplitude increased to an unbearable crescendo.

My wife, Jeanne, wished that she had a hearing aid so that she could turn it down or off!

We left early to preserve what auditory capacity we had left. We don’t wish to experience The Springsteen Experience ever again.

Tom Pontac Mutual 10

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