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What to expect on the special election recall ballot


by Mary Larson

LW contributor

All Leisure World voters will want to be aware of two issues relating to the upcoming recall special election. The first is a bill passed by the California legislature and signed by the governor that could move the timing for this election to as early as August. In addition, voters will be faced with a proposition to be placed on the ballot by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. The 3-2 vote drew support from board Chairman Andrew Do (currently termed out in 2024), Lisa Bartlett (termed out in 2022) and Doug Chaffee (whose first term ends next year). It was opposed by Don Wagner (whose first full term ends in 2024) and Katrina Foley (who won a special election in March).

The title of the ballot proposition is “A Lifetime Ban After Three Terms in Office for Members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.” That makes it sound as if a “yes” vote would toughen limits. The wording is misleading. Political observers from both ends of the spectrum have said the proposal looks to them like a last-ditch effort by politicians hoping to extend their own careers.

Currently, Orange County board members are limited to two consecutive terms. They must then take a break before running again. The new proposition, if passed by the voters, would allow supervisors to serve three consecutive terms, after which they could not run again. However, the proposition as currently written may allow termed-out current board members to serve longer than three terms.

The proposed new rules would only apply going forward. This could be interpreted to mean that both current and past supervisors would be able to serve up to three more terms in addition to what they have already served.

The Orange County Register has taken a strong stand against the proposition, saying “if supervisors want to extend term limits, they should have proposed a measure for future boards only and drafted a fair title.”

••• During its June 22 meeting, the county board of supervisors also kicked off the official County redistricting process with a public hearing. The Democratic Club will report on that hearing as soon as the information is released. The District 2 Supervisor Katrina Foley feels every resident of the county, which includes LW, should have a voice in this process. She will announce five public meetings for the district in the coming weeks. Visit https://

for the latest information on redistricting.

••• The Democratic Club’s voter service center booth outside Clubhouse 6 is open every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Voter registration forms, membership applications, club newsletters, brochures and other resource materials are available at the booth.

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