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Mini Farm

Mini Farm Mini Farm

Mutual 5 resident Anna Derby finds joy working in her Mini Farm plot. When she decided to grow her own corn, she wasn’t sure thow it would work out since she hadn’t grown it before. Corn was one of her favorite foods while she grew up in South Korea, and it’s still one of her favorites today.

She saw corn transplants at the nursery in February. To take a chance and try something different, she brought home and planted six stalks in her Mini Farm.

After over four months of TLC, Derby began to see the corn grow by one. One day while tending those vegetables, a neighboring mini farmer gave her a surprising but helpful piece of advice. In order to avoid losing her growing corn to birds and other animals, Derby would need to wrap each ear of corn with cotton-like fabric.

Derby enlisted the help of her Mutual 11 friend Pat Erickson, who is a master in making anything with fabric. Erickson made close to 20 cotton pockets for Derby’s corn. Hopefully, these pockets will protect birds or animals until the corn is ready for harvest.

Besides the ears of corn, Derby also has tomatoes, green onions, Korean peppers, sesame seeds and spinach. No matter what happens, she still enjoys learning about and tending the vegetables in her Mini Farm plot.

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