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Letters to the Editor


During my seven years as a Leisure World resident, I have read many good suggestions in this publication on how to improve life in our community. I am now including an idea of my own.

During the past year, I have stood outside the Stock Transfer office window to simply obtain a form. Times waiting in line varied from 25 minutes (dog registration) to 45 minutes (carport rental agreement). During those waiting periods, I observed the very busy Stock Transfer Office employees stopping their work to hand out forms, with people sitting on a bench in the wind filling them out. Why can’t we simply download these forms from the GRF website?

I checked out the website of our sister community in Laguna Woods. In addition to fact sheets about living in the community, a move-in guide and other helpful information, you can also download forms! These include the contractor’s list, community map, decal registration, visitor passes request, estate sale application, change of address, dog registration, clubhouse rental, insurance disclosure and stock transfer applications, to name a few.

I would like to suggest GRF update its site to provide easy access to information and forms.

It will free up staff time and make it easier for residents. No more standing in line for up to an hour. And the good news is GRF can use Laguna Woods as a template.

If the DMV, cities and other senior communities can make information more accessible, so can GRF! Thanks for your consideration.

Suzanne Dunwell Mutual 6

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