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description b. Stock Transfer Office ….

description b. Stock Transfer Office Reorganization, Update 10. New Business a. Golden Rain Foundation Code of Conduct Poster— Update b. GRF Code of Conduct Email Disclaimer (Handout) c. Boots on the Ground— Emergency Information Council d. Administration Construction— Update e. New Position: Administration/ Communications Specialist f. Administration, Office and Workstation Improvements, Phase Two g. Juneteenth, New Federal Holiday h. GRF Board Liaison with GAF—Discussion i. Roundtable—New Format j. Budget/Staffing—Discussion k. 2021-2022 Committee Goals from Retreat 11. Governing Documents a. Amend 30-5093-1, Member Rules of Conduct b. Amend 30-5093-2, Member Rules of Conduct Non-compliance with Rules of Conduct – Fines and Penalties c. Amend 30-5093-3, Procedure for Notification of Violation and Right of Hearing d. Amend 50-1640-4, Active Membership Certificate 12. Future agenda items 13. Next Meeting The next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 5 at 1 p.m. in Administration Conference Room A and via Zoom.

14. Adjournment

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