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Over the years the world has become more personalized and media consumption more selective. People tend to only hear what they believe it is their right to believe when that belief comes up against cold, hard facts.

Facts in this day and age can be difficult to come by, especially when things are described in language based on feelings. However, a person’s understanding should be constantly evolving. There is something to be said for facts and truth, especially when it is difficult to hear them. In this week’s message based in the Gospel of Mark, Community Church will see the lengths humans will go to avoid the truth.

Community Church is a place where everything is designed with the first-time participant in mind. Thos who have not felt welcome in church or have never participated in church before are welcome to join.

As Orange County continues to emerge from the pandemic, Community Church invites everyone to participate based on their personal comfort either virtually on Zoom and Facebook or in person for those who are vaccinated.

The sanctuary is open for those who are vaccinated and those who either cannot come physically or are on vacation can join virtually on Facebook.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has been confirmed in Long Beach, which means it could also turn up in Seal Beach. Current guidance is to wear masks while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Those who are vaccinated are welcome to join Community Church services in person.

Those who missed last week’s message can find it on Facebook.

Those who are in need of assistance without another way to receive it can leave a message on the phone system at (562) 431-2503 or email

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